Qtopic-380 Auto

Qtopic-380 Auto

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Our Qtopic-380 Auto offers the benefit of both excellent lamination and our digital finishing solution GMP Sleeking on demand. 

An all-round great range of machinery that allows for freedom and creativity 
in-house at a low cost

 Qtopic-380 Auto PDF

  • Laminate up to 1000 sheets
  • Ideal for speeding up process times - foil and laminate in seconds
  • Increase volume production
  • Up to SRA3
  • Re-wind unit & easy use pneumatic control system 
  • Air-suction feeder
  • Laminating solutions for digital & traditional litho media
  • Holographic effects 
  • Spot, background and full image gloss & matt 
  • Variable data foiling and Sleeking
  • Overprinting of foils to give infinite metallic effects

The perfect all-round print finishing solution


  • Sleeking (gloss/matt/holographic/metallic) 
  • Automatic paper feed with patented gap control system
  • Integrated air compressor with reduced noise output 
  • Strengthened laminating pressure for bond and Sleeking System 
  • Ergonomic touch screen
  • Cantilever design for easy film loading 
  • Intergrated tension control and de-curling device 
  • Optional patented embossing rollers
  • Automatic burst cutting system
  • Lamination 10m/per minute
  • Up to SRA3 (380mm x 500mm) 
Basic patterns of embossing roller (option)


  • BOPP Lamination
  • Digital BOPP Film
  • PET Lamination
  • Nylon Lamination
  • Sleeking Foils


  • Posters
  • Name cards
  • Labels (Micronex Lamination) 
  • Greeting Cards/ Year book 
  • Photobook covers
  • Magazines & Inner pages 
  • Certificates
  • Postcards 
  • Calenders
  • Packaging 
  • Leaflets 
  • Business Brochures
  • Business Cards, Spot UV & foil 
  • Wedding Invites, perfect foiled variable data

 Digital Sleeking Foils Available:

Sleeking digital foil colour


Dimension (W x L x H, mm) 720 x 1700 x 1350mm
Laminating speed 1.5m/min ~ 10m/min
Paper size (W x L, mm) Max : 380 x 500mm 
Min : 180 x 210mm
Laminating films Single Side: POLYNEX (20 ~ 43mic), PERFEX (25mic), NYLONEX (27 ~ 44mic)
MICRONEX (6 ~ 10mic) : Gloss, Matt, Hologram
 Sleeking  Gloss, Matt, Hologram, Metallic
Substrate thickness 120 ~ 350g/㎡
Front roller diameter Top: high glossy chrome ∅100
 Bottom: silicon ∅80
Rear roller diameter silicon ∅55
Power requirement AC 220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 12A
Power consumption 2.8kw
Warm-up time 5 minutes
Heating system Infrared Heater
Laminating temp. Max.150
Temp. control Capacitive Touch Screen
Speed control Capacitive Touch Screen
Display system LCD Panel
Roller pressure  Pneumatic Cylinder
Film core size 77mm (3”) / Dual - 58mm, 50mm
 Air Compressor 2 HP, 19L
Vaccum pump 250w 120 L/min
Temp. Sensing method Thermo-couple inserted in the roller shell