Digital Sleeking Print Technology

We provide an exciting newly launched technology called 'Sleeking' that can add an array of optical effects with simply one GMP laminator in-house.  

Sleeking technology gives you the option to apply Gloss, Holographic impressions, metallic coloured film overlays for full image, spot image and background image printing. 

What is Digital Sleeking: Digital Foiling, Spot UV style & Full-Page Lamination.

If you are looking to enhance your digital print? GMP Sleeking is an on-demand process that allows you to metallic foil with various designs, create spot UV style effects & full-page lamination, with little restriction and all in-house on one GMP laminating machine. As a space saving option, it allows you to add a ‘WOW’ factor to your print. 

With various metallic and clear (gloss, holographic, security & matt) foils available, a variety of different effects can be created, with the added option of silver foil allowing you to over-print to get a foiled print unique to your design.

What can you achieve?
With such a super simple process you can create digital print that makes an impact, you're now able to create a visually impressive print that mimics traditional process as a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. Sleeking provides the option of being able to do both short & long-run jobs with ease, eliminating the need for minimum order quantities.

Not only that, but the beauty of Sleeking is the personalisation. With typical block foiling, even the concept of personalising was an expensive option. Now with digital foiling, you can easily add variable data to your design which gives it that extra edge to stand out in the crowd.

Digital Spot Sleeking Full Page Sleeking Holographic Sleeking Variable data foiling on a digital laminating machine


  • Photobook Cover & Inner pages (non-crack & bubble free lamination) 
  • Seasons & birthday cards
  • Illustration & foiled print (ART) increasingly popular for artists that look to create foiled print at home
  • Invites, personalised foiled print
  • High-end business cards 
  • Presentations & business documents
  • Wedding invitations & announcements (Bridal shower, foil, menus, engagements, receptions, dinners, invites, save the date- all where you would like print that is authentic and makes an impact)
  • Calendar, laminated and foiled
  • Packaging & design work
  • School & university certificates
  • Leaflets, brochures & other business print. 

What machines? 
- Desktop option: Exceltopic (short run)
- Pod laminator: Qtopic-380 & Qtopic Auto (Medium/long run)
- Industrial heavy duty laminator: Protopic Range (Long run) 
All with the added benefit of standard lamination & Sleeking. 

What does Sleeking mean for you?
Other than the benefit of lowered expense & more control, you are now able to match your print with your creativity. You can meet the increasing demands of your customers if they require a foiled personalised name card- you can design, print & foil in under an hour. Sleeking continues to shorten lead times, diminish the worry of one-off jobs, eliminating the expense of creating blocks & expensive dyes.

How does it work?
Digital foil with only adhere to the digital dry toner in Ink (we recommend 100% black), so if you print a full page in ink- you will get a solid foiled print. Our unique Sleeking method eliminates the need for specialty UV finishing methods normally needed to create diverse effects and doesn't need laminating first.

The adoption of the Sleeking process has allowed the company to offer new products with high visual impact, says production manager Daniel Prétòt. “We can now foil, spot gloss and holographic gloss, giving us the ability to really wow our customers and their customers,” he says. “We have found that corporate presentation packs, show and function invites and programmes and targeted marketing pieces seem to be where we are getting most interest for this type of finishing.” Please see Print Weekly for more on Me & My GMP Qtopic-380.


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