Excelam-Q1600 Combi / RSER

Excelam-Q1600 Combi / RSER

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The Combi version of our popular cold laminator offers the additional benefit of roller temperature of up to 150°C to aid curing time and reduce silvering as well as using heat application films such as standard low-melt gloss and ultra matt.

All our cold and combi machines now incorporate heavy duty motors that give a running speed of 5m/min. Re-winder is connected to the powerful main motor and benefits from the easy to use outer re-winder tension control.

   Excelam-Q1600 Combi / RSER PDF

- Rewind
- Stand
-  Extra Rewind


  •  High speed laminating up to 5m/min
  •  Strengthen main motor for better drive torque and durability
  •  Rewinder connected to the powerful main motor
  •  Top rewinder for releasing liner
  •  Easy to use for outer rewinder tension control
  •  Designed for dual film core and stronger unwinder shaft
  •  Sub heating system (upper roller)
  •  Mounting up to 13mm
  •  Back trimmer for limited web removal
Max. Laminating Speed 5m/min
Max. Laminating Width 1600mm 
Laminating Films 25mic ~ 500mic
Substrate weight 80g/㎡ ~ 350g/㎡
Max. Mounting Thickness 13mm
Front Roller Diameter 80mm
Power Requirements 220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz 
Power Consumption 2000W, 8.3A 
Warm up Time 5 minutes
Heating System Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature 150℃ Max 
Speed Control Key Pad 
Temperature Control Key Pad 
Film Core 77mm / Dual
Dimensions (WxLxH)
1840 x 750 x 1200mm
Type of Main Motor
DC-Geard Motor
Type of Rewinder Motor
Link to Main Motor