Thermal Lamination

Lamination provides layer protection for an array of materials, our focus at GMP being on the print industry. This process uses a coat finish to add durability and additional desired effects, for example sleeking will add a spot finish for customisation and attraction.

Thermal lamination films bond two sides or more with heat sensitive film, using heat and pressure alongside the adhesive film will combine the layers. This is a versatile process that can be used on a combination of materials, subsequently leaving a product with a high quality finish. Additionally thermal laminate films come at a much lower cost than cold lamination.

Thermal films include:
-BOPP / OPP thermal laminating films
-PET (Polyester) thermal laminating films
-Nylon thermal laminating films

BOPP / OPP thermal laminating films has had high growth in the recent years, with many benefits of excellent transparency, good resistances to water, chemicals and crack resistant, whilst still being recyclable. PET thermal films provide other benefits that OPP can’t, such as a high standard gloss and high stiffness. Nylon thermal films provide properties which have made it valuable in thermal lamination, its chemical resistance, high mechanical and abrasion resistance. Setting itself apart from the other thermal films through its moisture loving qualities.