Lamination Process

 At GMP- excellent and efficient lamination is our focus, determining what lamination technology is right for you. Our GMP products are engineered to optimize your results, bonding with the high standard of current printing technologies. 

Understanding the specific current printing technologies our GMP products are engineered to optimize your results, both durability and adhesive aggression. To ensure we offer the correct lamination products and machine range we consider all elements, to customize our products from application of print to the aesthetic qualities. 

Considering what printing technologies you use and the desired purpose of your laminated prints, we like to have a clear understand of what really fits your lamination needs, considering image quality, order volume, usage and price to determine the correct laminate or encapsulate technology before we can advise you but if you'd like to call us on 01295 26 88 33 we'd love to offer advice on what's best. 

Pressure Sensitive Lamination:

The pressure sensitive lamination process doesn't require heat, using roller pressure to bond the adhesive film to the prints, being a somewhat quicker and easier lamination process. Pressure sensitive films are also known as cold films are specifically designed for general graphics, ideally perfect for pop-up stands and roller banners.  Our GMP pressure sensitive films provides a durable lifespan of indoor use lasting 8-10 years and an outdoor life span of 2-3 years. Please note our cold/pressure sensitive films are designed for floor graphics or vehicles graphics where more flexibility is needed. 

Digital Lamination Process:

The digital lamination process requires flexibility and high adhesion qualities to really give your prints high quality finish and protection and it’s made easy with our range of GMP digital laminators and laminating films.

Our commercial digital laminating machines and leading Ultrabond laminating films provide outstanding results at an affordable price. Choosing the right digital lamination film can really transform your prints, creating a well-protected and high quality aesthetically pleasing print.

We supply high performance Ultrabond digital lamination films, specifically designed to achieve excellent adhesion even when used in conjunction with leading digital inks, offering superior adhesive and durable qualities even when heavy ink coverage is needed.

Everything is designed with you in mind, from small scale to large format heavy duty sturdy GMP digital laminators and if you’d like to demo for yourself or for more information please call or check out the machine page.

Our new Sleeking digital solution means that alongside digital matt and gloss lamination for more added value you can now achieve more aesthetic and unique prints with our new range of digital laminating and Sleeking machines to add various hologram, foil and spot finishes with our GMP Sleeking film. 

Litho Lamination:

A low cost- high value 'buy in bulk' efficient lamination process, which most commonly is used in the packaging industry. For litho lamination we offer our own high quality thermal orientated polyproplene Pronex OPP laminating film, offering a strong adhesive cost effective alternative to digital lamination.