Photonex 325 Sync

Photonex 325 Sync

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GMP professional pouch laminator, PHOTONEX SYNC series is designed with GMP Synchro Temp & Speed control system that makes easy operation and exact lamination condition setting to get quality laminated results for various jobs.

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  • Designed for hot & cold lamination, mounting and transferring.
  • An efficient cooling system for high-speed lamination.
  • GMP synchro control system for speed and temperature in various job conditions.
  • Precise temperature control by using the internally heated rollers with temperature control which use non-contact infrared sensors.
  • GMP Synchro system for temperature & speed setting
  • Available hot / cold lamination, mount and transferring
  • Precise temperature control with internal infrared heating system
  • Efficient cooling system for high-speed lamination
  • Auto shut-down after no operation (stand by mode) for 2 hours 
Laminating Speed 770mm/min
Laminating Width 325mm
Laminating Films 75mic~250mic
Thickness of substrate(Paper) 80g/㎡~250g/㎡
Thickness of Mount 3mm
Front Roller Diameter 31mm
Rear Roller Diameter 30mm
Power Requirements 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 970W, 4.4A
Warm Up Time 4 minutes
Heating System Hot Roller  Internal Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature 150℃ Max.
Speed Control Key Pad Number Direct
Temperature Control Key Pad temperature Direct
Cooling System DC Fan
Dimensions(WxLxH) 585 x 274 x 147mm
Type of Main Motor DC W -Geared Motor /24V50