Printmonthly - GMP moves to protect its trademark

Please check out our latest mention in Printmonthly, on why it's important for us to protect our Sleeking process, unique with it's excellent results.

'GMP UK say that competitors have been using their term sleeking to describe the process.

GMP UK told Print Monthly that they wanted to “put it out there” that other companies should not use the word to describe the same process which is shown in various YouTube films on line.

“The use of Sleeking for future press on our products is fine but it isn’t for those selling a similar process. Unless referring to the process performed on our GMP machines, digital foiling and spot varnishing on a laminator cannot be referred to as Sleeking,” says GMP’s marketing executive, Amy-Louise Strevens.

The company specialises in thermal, hot and cold laminating films, with the ability to customise and adapt to the demands of each customer. ...'

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