GMP UK Visit international seminar; VISION 2017

Ever wondered where our Film & Machines come from? Who supplies the supplier? 

We continue to focus our investment on our partner & supplier GMP Korea. As we (GMP UK) take a two-day visit the GMP Manufacturing Seminar in Korea. Touring the Film & Machine factory, as Mr.Kim organised the tour, showing us the best & newest innovations from GMP Korea.  
With a global event of 40 overseas companies/subsidiaries present at the seminar.  Mr. Kim proceeded with specific explanations on unique & remarkable features of GMP’s brand new lineup of products under the subject of “Introduction on 2016 GMP New Laminating Systems, R&D strategy, and New Machines” and share the basis of lamination with demonstrating pouch laminators after made a tour of facilities with the visitors.
The Latest Innovations:
- Fully automatic finishing solutions, including both Silver-halide replacement automatic system & productivity-enhancement-designed in-line
- The latest in the newest films that have been designed to meet the diverse customer's requirements. 
THE GMP KOREA Seminar 2017 
GMP Innovation centre R&D In Korea, latest Film & Machine inspection
GMP Innovation Seminar - the latest global tech

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