Have you seen us in Printmonthly this month?

 Have you seen our appearance in this months Printmonthly? 

Mark Dinsdale appears in experts review, highlighting the importance of keeping up with today's trends in print and how special effects can help add value to your print. Our managing director Mark evaluates the importance of creativity, personalisation of variable data and the affordability in new methods like our GMP Sleeking to help increase customer demand and profits. 

Mark GMP UK digital Lamination Sleeking Colour UV FOIL Spot Gloss

A similar article on page 53 goes into more depth about GMP's Sleeking and focuses on value added to make you prints stand out and how it pays to be creative. For digital printers Jo Golding highlights how our range of laminators are apart of one of the most interesting growing sectors in print and the potential Sleeking has to add value to print. Sleeking allows you to use your digital printer & a Sleeking GMP laminator to create endless creative effects with foiling and spot varnish effects. Another benefit is the ability to able over print using toner technology, ink adhering and creating a bond, meaning that foil itself can have added definition and depth to your prints. Sleeking provides an easy solution to those wanting to add special effects in-house, without having to pay for expensive dyes and equipment.  

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