Sleeking Vs Spot UV!

Anyone could say Sleeking saves you money and time, but honestly, it really does. Here's some facts. 

What's the real difference?
Well both give you the same impact, but with different processes. Spot UV means that you need your prints to be coated with a UV coating, normally being sent out of house and Sleeking is a film that adheres to the toner, at a fraction of a price but requiring a GMP laminator. The end desired result is simply a varnished area on a print, whether used to enhance and make your prints or a selected area of your prints stand out, being incredibly versatile.

Spot varnishes are only added once printed as an 'over print' varnish, normally in traditional gloss and matt, normally in a hard coat that requires drying time.

Sleeking provides you with ability to spot varnish long run and short-run variable data, with no worry about set-up costs or short run costs. The addition with Sleeking you are able to foil alongside spot gloss etc, using the same method you are able to foil variable data aswell as digitally print over the film to give more tone to the foil. 

Shoe Sleeking Foil Spot Silver TonerSpot gloss pattern sleeking

Above shows a Sleeked shoe that has been printed with silver foil and then reprinted with pink for a metallic finish & a spot gloss with a gloss to create a pattern on the black print.

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