Recent Success @ The Print Show

Printshow 2015

After a very successful show at the NEC last week, we'd love to say thank you for showing interest and look forward to answering any queries you may of had on the stand.

Our sleeking star's Q-Topic and Protopic stole the show, raising a lot of interest for those in the digital printing world. These machines offer the benefit of both excellent lamination and Sleeking (Spot finishes and foiling) without the need to laminate first. An all round great range of machinery that allow for freedom and creativity in-house at a low cost

 We thank Dan @ Eazyprint for his Sleeking skills on our stand. They created some wonderful prints, showing sleeking is really only limited by your creativity. 

The Print Show was the first exhibition we’d been to as GMP UK in years (& for me the marketing intern it was my first exhibition) and really the Q-Topic 380 played a big part in our success. The Q-Topic also has the ability to laminate and Sleek/Foil direct from the box and being able to demonstrate the clear advantages of this laminating machine really helped you all to understand the benefits and how easy it is to run. Its primary use is an excellent one-sided laminator; this can preserve a range of prints from school certificates to menus.

The Q-topic laminators second function is designed for digital printers to create foil stamping & spot varnishes also known to us as Sleeking and whilst still protecting the amazing prints, we showed off the amazing designs and ease of the laminating and foiling on our GMP machine. Our laminator provided stunned audiences with unique value for money that can be achieved using our GMP film. We created simples samples with three different coloured foils, over printed foiled samples and spot gloss samples that doesn’t need to be laminated or UV coated.  

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