Why would you use encapsulation?

In comparison to lamination, for the process to work it provides a thin border around a print, bonding the layers instead of just adhesion to the surface: 


This allows for longer protection, water resistance and extending product life. Providing this thin layer adds the benefits of lamination and extra protection of the seal around the outer edge, making the process ideal for products that will be used outside or need extra durability for usage.

Encapsulation provides 100% film coverage, protecting all of the material;
-encapsulating will help prolong and enhance quality 
-to protect against everyday wear & tear, finger prints and graffiti. 
-to improve functionality or presentation for example poster

Depending on the choice of film it can provide other benefits like UV protection to stop fading and anti-glare to stop reflection. At GMP UK we only supply quality low melt Perfex film, which is manufactured by GMP CO LTD, as for us it provides perfectly flat lamination without waving or curling as long as the process has been carried out correctly. 

At GMP UK we supply both Perfex Gloss & Perfex Ultra Matt. And you’re thinking what’s the difference?

Ultimately it gives you a different finish. Perfex Ultra Matt provides very little glare, even if under spot light and can add a softer appearance. Using the Ultra Matt will enhance visuals without adding an offset glare that many gloss films can suffer from. Perfex Gloss film provides a layer of crisp professional finish which is ideal for enhancing colour sharpness and giving it that photo finish look.

GMP Manufactures specially selected high quality polyesters, to ensure first-class characteristics including low tension, superb adhesion, High Gloss and Ultra Matt and flat lamination. 

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