Sleeking Overprinting

Sleeking Overprinting GMP UK Sleeking


Once the initial foil stage has been created and you have a base foil, you don't have to stop there. Sleeking provides you with the option to overprint on the foil, without lamination being needed. This means that you can create depth with layers on your print.


Overprint Sleeking


How it works:
Reprinting and running through your digital based printer, toner in the ink will bond to the surface as well as paper, similar to the basic Sleeking process. Enhancing the foil and printed ink to give a metallic finish. 


Sleeking Metallic Finish Stand out


To get the above metallic finish : 

Print Printing GMP Digital Sleeking   Sleeking GMP process Sleek Printer Final stage

Print -  Sleek with GMP laminator & selected area with silver foil (see below) - Print full page image over top


Image Shoe Sleeking Black

When printing for Sleeking- it has to be 100% black, without CMYK, only the selected area that needs to be Sleeked. 











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