Digital Spot Sleeking (UV Style)

For those special projects that require a glamorous look we have developed digital spot gloss, matt and holographic Sleeking™ films to provide an affordable and cost effective way to increase the perceived value and quality of your print. This technique is very similar to the traditional Spot UV methods but at a dramatically lower cost and with a much faster turnaround.

You can choose to add gloss, matt or a range of holographic effects to enhance and draw attention to specific areas such as text, logos or images rather than covering the whole page. Used in conjunction with a contrasting laminate and printing on top you can create an outstanding and diverse result all with your GMP laminator and in house digital printer.

Using gloss Sleeking™ film and Silk Touch laminate together is an effective way to create a striking impression. The difference between the soft, light absorbing laminate and shiny gloss Sleeking™ can add punch to your design and highlight your message whilst increasing the perceived value of your product.



Digital Spot Sleeking Full Page Sleeking Holographic Sleeking Variable data foiling on a digital laminating machine