Excelam PLUS Combi Series

Excelam PLUS Combi Series

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Our new Excelam PLUS DCRSE series is the ultimate all round laminator with the latest GMP laminating technology - it's a single and double sided laminator with the added benefit of both hot and cold lamination. 

The Excelam comes with a de-curling device for single lamination and film extension adapter for loading larger diameter film. The laminator is ideal for pictures, posters, inkjet print and advertising paper lamination as well as mounting up to 5mm. Multi-step pressure device controls roller tension according to various material types. Independent temperature control of top and bottom roller assures excellent lamination results of inkjet prints and photographic prints. Offers exceptional high-capacity performance for Sleeking.

 Excelam PLUS Series PDF

DC - Decurling
- Rewinder
- Stand
- Extension Adaptor


  • Equipped decurling device for single side lamination
  • Film extension adaptor for loading larger diameter film
  • Multiple jobs in one machine: single & both side hot lamination, PSA (cold) lamination, mounting, digital Sleeking & micronex lamination
  • Independent temperature control for top and bottom rollers: Ideal for laminating inkjet print, photo, etc.
  • High laminating quality through broaden rollers distance
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • Multi-step pressure control for roller tension control
  • Installed film tension unit for easy film loading and efficient tension adjustment
  • Easy to control, program to memory the laminating temperature and laminating speed


Max. Laminating Speed  3m/min  3m/min
Max. Laminating Width 685mm 685mm
Laminating Films  25mic ~ 250mic 25mic ~ 250mic
Substrate Thickness 80g/㎡ ~ 350g/㎡ 80g/㎡ ~ 350g/㎡
Max. Mounting Thickness  5mm 5mm
Front Roller Diameter 55mm 55mm
Rear Roller Diameter  40mm 40mm
Power Requirements  220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz 220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 
1700W, 7.0A
2000W, 8.3A
Warm up Time 8 minutes 8 minutes
Heating System Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater Hot Roller Internal Infrared Heater
Operating Temperature  150℃ Max. 150℃ 
Speed Control Key Pad Number Direct Key Pad Number Direct
Temperature Control  Key Pad Number Direct Key Pad Number Direct
Pressure Adjustment  Manual (6step) Manual (6step)
Film Core  19-25WH 19-25WH
Cooling System    Blower  Blower
Dimensions(WxLxH)  930 x 450 x 437mm  930 x 450 x 1172mm
Type of Main Motor DC  DC W-Geared Motor /36V70 DC W-Geared Motor /36V70
Type of Rewinder  Motor Link to Main Motor Motor Link to Main Motor
Stand  x o