What is Sleeking?

 Sleeking GMP Qtopic

Above is gold foil with print on top. 

Why is everyone so excited by this new technology you ask? Well GMP provide an exciting new laminating technology called 'sleeking' that can add an array of optical effects simply with one machine in-house. This specialty method is creating a lot of interest in the print world, being able to use image transfer technology that will bond with digital ink. 

GMP Spot gloss print handout

Above is a stage 2 print Silktouch and digitally printed over with a Sleeking gloss film.

In comparison to foils it comes at a much lower cost using a one-stop service. With this process it provides more freedom easily, offering a variety of expressions and array of overlays to produce high added value on-demand with one laminating machine.  

The GMP machines Pro-topic and Q-topic provide this unique method that in turn eliminates the need to have UV coating to create diverse effects. Sleeking technology gives you the option to apply Gloss, Holographic impressions, Silver and Gold film overlays for full image, spot image and background image printing.

For more information visit our Sleeking page 


Features of Digital Sleeking Foils
  •  Optical effects (spot or whole page high gloss, matt, hologram, metallic, UV coating, image transfer) 
  •   Sleeking Solution without laminating or UV Coating Process.
  •  Limitless Realization of Effects including fine optical gradation
  •  Protect the printed images by lamination
  •  Cost-Saving solution for the optical effects (extremely low cost only required compare with the existing solutions)
  •  Suitable for Mass Production as well as Small Quantity Batch Production
  •  Environmentally-friendly systems 
  •  Photobook cover & Inner pages : Differentiated Products with Various Optical Effects.
  •  Magazines Bookcovers & Inner pages : Special Advertisement Effect
  •  Post Card
  •  Calendar
  •  Packages
  •  Leaflets
  •  PR Brochure
  • Billboard for Display
  • Billboard for Advertisement

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