Print Week - Sleeking Feature

It's never been this easy to make an impact with print.  

With our space-saving machines, we provide the latest compact Sleeking machines. Designed for high quality variable detail, foil like never before. 

'Now the toner-foiling process is increasingly being adopted for larger formats and higher capacities by laminating machinery makers. The Korean manufacturer GMP added foiling to its laminating machines as a process it calls ‘Sleeking’. This is available with GMP Exceltopic-380 and Q-Topic laminators, priced from around £6,000 and £9,250.'

Point to add; we do not need to overprint onto laminate! Toner-to-paper technology differs us from competitors, eliminating the need to laminate first! 

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 Sleeking Print Shoe Silver Print Shoe

     1.     PRINT IN BLACK                    2.   SLEEK IN SILVER

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