Print Show 2016!

Another successful show at The Print Show this year, this is what you missed;

  • The launch of our GMP Qtopic-380 Auto & entry-level Exceltopic-380! 
  • Eazyprint's exclusive Digital Printer Awards samples that have made it to the final. Combining Silk touch & GMP Sleeking gold foil and Sleeking Gloss films to make truly spectacular print! 
  • Some amazing new gold and silver foil samples & new glitter laminates designed to give a whole new depth to your digital prints.

The year we’ve launched of our entry-level Exceltopic into the UK market. An ideal machine for those deciding whether to invest and trial our GMP laminating and Sleeking™ (Digital Foiling and spot varnishing) machines and to carefully decide if it’s a suitable avenue to invest in. It was the perfect opportunity to let the Exceltopic make the decision for you with our short run demonstrations; prior to buying a larger model or indeed if just looking to have a smaller machine to create and run bespoke print, short-run laminating sheets and Sleek foil printing in-house. The Exceltopic is the perfect solution for SRA3 on-demand laminating and Sleeking™.

The Q-topic Auto provides our first machine with an auto-feed stacker, ultimately designed for long run jobs for both lamination, digital foil Sleeking™ and spot varnishing, with a superb design and capability of being able to hold up to 1500 sheets at a fast speed of 10m/min. The single (one) sided Q-topic Auto pneumatic rollers provide both adjustable pressure and speed with the ultimate easy-to-use machine with absolute high quality standard finish for on-demand print.

Combining a sturdy laminator with the Sleeking™ means that’s all you need to make an impact is a digital printer (Xerox, Konica Minolta etc) and one of our machines. You can design, print, spot varnish, laminate and foil it all in the space of an hour. With little restriction you can really push your prints with unique design at a fraction of the price to other methods. To create endless amounts of unique and stylish digital print without traditional foil stamping or expensive dyes.

We launched a brand new range of glitter laminates for over printing – perfect to combine with exceptional design with our unique gold and silver glitter laminate.

Please get in contact for samples, pricing or to organise a demonstration.

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