Digital Print Awards


We congratulate for their exceptional Sleeked marketing box that WON at the Digital Printer Awards last week. 

GMP products got them there. Using a combination of's incredible creative talent and our GMP products; 

  • Q-topic 380
  •  Gold and silver GMP Digital Sleeking Transfer Foils
  • Gloss Sleeking Film
  • Silk Touch Laminate  Eazyprint's eye for amazing design

We are delighted to have supported Eazyprint for over 8 years, knowing we've helped them along the way to really push the boundaries of Sleeking™.

Not sure whether we can help you? Ask us. We offer a range of samples and test run samples that you can try with your print - on your laminator. Starting at just £9,250, the Qtopic will enable you to produce top quality creative print to put you head and shoulders above your competition.

 We also provide Sleeking Master classes to ensure you can get the most from your GMP machine.   Eazyprint won and so can you. See how far Sleeking can take you. 

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