Why use lamination?

Lamination is normally the final stage of the print process & that's where we come in. It provides layer protection, single or double sided to enhance your prints with a professional finish. It’s different from encapsulation as it isn’t sealed around the edge meaning moisture can still enter the prints but as long as the use isn't outside long term, it shouldn't matter.

If you want to inquire whether lamination or encapsulation is the right process for you, we more than happy to help! Email us at sales@gmpuk.co.uk 

The lamination process can add great finishes to you prints;
- it can strengthen and protect your final product against abrasion, ideal for menus and posters
- extend life length, helping to protect your prints first time will save money and time from needing to re-print in the future.
- it can give a professional quality appeal, enhancing colour and providing ink-protection
- eliminates worry of creasing or cracking to keep prints clear 

Depending on the final products use, that will depend on the desired effect you will want to add, generally you will find Matte, Gloss and Embo are the most common finishes.

At GMP UK we convert and supply directly for lamination, we have various different films available;

-Our OPP films offer a high quality, thermal orientated polypropylene laminating film to provide a crystal clear finish. It is a cost effective film that offers a strong adhesion and chemical resistance. OPP film is perfect for posters, presentation folders, labels, books. It is a durable film with an anti-scruff coating and an anti-static treated film.

-Polynex Digital Ultrabond is specifically designed for superb adhesion when used in conjunction with digital prints but in particular has excellent results with Xerox prints. Polynex offers a softer finish with durable anti-curling characteristics. 

-Our PVC solvent based films are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  These films are ideal for general graphics use, in particular for pop-up stands and roller banners.  These films have an indoor life of 8-10 years and an outdoor life of 2-3 years. Not suitable for floor graphics or vehicle graphics where more flexibility is required.

If you feel like you need more information on lamination or on our films available, we are happy to help at; sales@gmpuk.co.uk 

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